The Local Search Stats You Need to Know

By: Reply Pro Team

August 17, 2017

General SEO and Local Search stats.


Fact #1: 35 percent of consumers trust a business after reading 2-3 reviews


Fact #2: After reading 10 reviews, most consumers won’t look any further


All industry professionals have developed secrets that help them be successful. Chefs have award-winning recipes that they keep under lock and key, fishermen have their favorite hidden fishing holes and professional athletes have training regimens they swear by. For you, the secret recipe for a successful business lies with your online marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization is a popular buzzword for businesses in this day and age. But what is the actual benefit of SEO? Its return on investment may be difficult to determine upfront but these five stats will assure that your investment in local SEO is absolutely worth it.


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