Comprehensive Guide on Google Reviews

By: Reply Pro Team

July 20, 2016

Responding to Google Reviews

Responding to your Google reviews is one of the easiest and most important ways to keep a good online reputation.  Before you can start responding, however, you need to claim your profile on Google.

Claim Your Business on Google to Respond to Reviews

Your Google Page needs to be claimed and managed by your business before you can start responding to reviews.

  •      If you are not sure if your business has been claimed, read this quick tutorial.
  •      To claim your Google profile page, read this quick tutorial.

How do I Respond to my Google Reviews?

After your business is claimed, you will be able to see your business’ Google Reviews and be able to respond to them.

After business is claimed

Should I Respond to All Google Reviews?

Probably, responding to all your reviews, especially your negative reviews, gives your business a good online reputation.  When you respond, you show customers you value their feedback.  There are certain rules you must follow when responding to reviews.  For best practices, read this article.

Who can Respond to Google Reviews?

Google allows three different types of users to respond to reviews:

  •  Owners
  •  Managers
  •  Communication Managers

For additional information, see Google for instruction.

Benefits of Google Reviews

Google reviews are one of the many ways to help out your business.  In addition to Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook, Google gives a good idea of where your business needs improvements (via your reviews) and can improve the customer experience.

Improve your Search Ranking

Google is the most commonly used search engine, therefore, if a customer does a search of your business, it is very likely they will see your Google review rating in the results page.  This means Google reviews have a huge impact on your business. As long as you keep a good reputation with your customers (by responding to their reviews), Google can get you more business.

Learn how to Improve your Business

Customers leave reviews about businesses all the time.  One of the main reasons Google reviews matter is because customers are giving valuable feedback about your business. If you get four reviews that all mention they did not feel welcomed by the waitstaff, you should start educating your staff on proper customer service skills.  Google reviews should play a big part in how you run your company.  They can help you improve and help you business live up to its potential.

Increase Consumer Trust

Nearly 88% of customers have read reviews to determine the quality of a business.  As a result, managing your reviews is almost essential when running a business.  When you are responding to your reviews, especially your negative ones, your business becomes more dependable.  Customers appreciate when they feel they are being heard.  Responding to your Google reviews is a quick and easy way to make customers feel they have been listened to.

Rank High on Google Maps

Google allows customers to search for businesses based on their location.  If your competitors are rated higher and are in the same vicinity, customers will likely choose them over you.  Staying on top of reviews and making sure your business information is up-to-date is crucial to improve your Google maps search ranking.

Getting More Google Reviews

Now that you know you should be responding to your Google reviews, you may be asking yourself, “How do I get more reviews?”  As a business, there are only a couple things you can do to try to get more reviews.

How do I Avoid having my Google Reviews Filtered Out?

Now that you know the importance of Google reviews, you may be wondering how do I keep those reviews?  Google filters out reviews based on certain criteria, but this can be avoided by the following:

  •  Avoid Getting a Lot of Reviews at One Time
  • Don’t Review Yourself
  • Don’t Offer Incentives for Leaving Reviews
  • Don’t Put URLs in the Reviews
  • Don’t Buy Your Reviews

Show Customers you care about Reviews

Interacting with customers on Google shows you value them and the feedback they give.  When you aren’t responding to reviews, that shows you do not have the time for them or do not care enough to engage with them.  If customers know you appreciate reviews, they will be more likely to write them for you.


What can I do about fake Google reviews?

Unfortunately, people will sometimes leave fake reviews on Google. You should never consider writing fake reviews yourself, as this could lead to Google’s fraud detection removing your reviews. Google allows you flag a review as inappropriate, if you feel that it violates the set guidelines and standards set by Google. If you do that then the questionable review will be considered for removal by a team at Google over the course of the next couple of days.

Can I ask Customers for reviews?

Yes. Google encourages businesses to look for creative ways to get reviews from customers. It is perfectly alright for businesses to let customers know they are on google, but you should never be overbearing, or pressure a customer into leaving a review. Avoid using bribery or incentive to get reviews.

Can other businesses review my business?

Yes. Google allows businesses to review each other. It is hard for a competitor to leave a negative review that will detract from your business because customers can see who posted the review. If, however, a competitor leaves you a positive review, that shows that your business operates with quality. Remember if you believe that a review is in violation of google posting policies, you can flag it as inappropriate.