Comprehensive Guide on Facebook Reviews

By: Reply Pro Team

July 21, 2016

Responding to Facebook Reviews

To keep a good online reputation, you should be responding to all your Facebook reviews as your business.  When you respond with your personal Facebook account, there is no way for the reviewer to know if you are affiliated with the business or not.

How do I Claim my Business on Facebook?

In order to respond to your Facebook reviews, you must first claim your business.  Being able to respond to reviews is just one of the 6 main benefits of claiming your Facebook page.

How do I Respond to Facebook Reviews?

Once you have claimed your business, you will start to be able to respond to your Facebook reviews.  For a complete guid on how to respond to reviews, click here.

Should I Respond to All Facebook Reviews?

Yes! Facebook has over 1 billion more active users than Yelp and TripAdvisor combined.  With such a large audience, it is important to represent your business well. Responding to reviews is one of the easiest ways to show your interest in creating a better customer experience.

Who can Respond to Facebook Reviews?

Unlike other review sites, anyone with a Facebook account can comment on reviews.  As a result, this can lead to lengthy conversations between users.

Lengthy Conversations

Businesses should respond as their official business, not with their personal Facebook account, in order to stand out from other users. To respond to a review as the business, you must be given the role of editor, moderator, or admin of that Facebook page.

Tips for Responding to Facebook Reviews

Because Facebook is more of a social site than a review site, it is important that businesses balance between professionalism and casual conversations.  We recommend the following:

o   Share good reviews on your home page (here’s why)

o   Don’t reply to angry internet trolls and haters (here’s why)

o   Tag a customer when responding

o   Respond to reviews rather than “like” them

Benefits of Facebook Reviews

Because Facebook is used by more people, reviews are seen by a bigger audience than Yelp and TripAdvisor.  There are many benefits of Facebook reviews, but here are the main ones:

Join Casual Conversation

Facebook is unique because businesses can make several comments on a review.   This means you can have authentic conversations with your customers – which leads to a better customer experience.

Facebook Reviews are Easier to Get

Facebook has over 1.6 billion active users.  This means your business page can receive more traffic on Facebook than it does on Yelp or TripAdvisor.  With more users on Facebook, it is likely you’ll get more Facebook reviews because users don’t have to sign up for an account, most people already have a Facebook account.

Increase Customer Trust

People are more likely to trust a review of a business from their close friends and family rather than a stranger on Yelp.  This makes Facebook the perfect place to find reviews of a business because you already trust the source of the review.

Getting more Facebook Reviews

There are a couple things you can try to get more Facebook reviews:

Keep up on Your Posts

When you advertise special events or sales for your page, you generate more buzz around your business.  This results in more customer traffic, which can lead to more reviews.  It is important to follow up on “likes,” comments, or shares to make customers feel hear.  When your customers know you care about them, they are more likely to give you feedback.

Show Customers you care about Reviews

Letting the customer know they have been heard by contacting or responding to the reviewer is crucial.  What makes Facebook unique is anyone can respond, and there can be multiple messages sent back and forth.  This allows you to get a more details from the customer about their experience without having to private message them or give out your email or phone number for them to contact you.


What do I do if I already have a business page, but there is an unofficial page already existing?

If you have a business page, and there is also an unofficial page representing your business, Facebook will allow you to merge them into one page.  To do this you first need to claim the unofficial page, then go to

Do people trust Facebook reviews?

Yes, studies have shown that up to 68% of people trust online reviews from consumers that they’ve never met, and 88% trust reviews by close family and friends. Since Facebook combines the two (friends and strangers) it is safe to say that people trust reviews on Facebook.  This is especially true if your business has 50+ reviews.

What’s more valuable, a Facebook like or a Facebook review?

A Facebook review is more valuable.  We have written an entire article about the benefits of reviews, including: better SEO value, higher trust, more feedback, and better conversions.

Is “liking” a review the same as responding to a review?

No.  Simply “liking” a review is similar to buying a cheap thank-you-card and signing it.  If you want customers to know you appreciate their reviews, write custom, authentic responses. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to add more information about your business.

Can I tag people in my response?

Yes, it is even helpful to do so.  Tagging customers can increase visibility to your response.