How do I Get More Reviews on TripAdvisor?

By: Reply Pro Team

July 18, 2016

One of the best practices for getting more reviews on TripAdvisor is Review Express.  Review Express is a TripAdvisor tool offered to businesses who are looking to get more reviews.

What Does Review Express Do?

Some of the things Review Express offers are:

Sends Emails to Past Customers Asking If They Would Like to Leave a Review

Unlike Yelp, TripAdvisor encourages businesses to ask for reviews.  Review Express allows you to set up an email template to be sent out to past customers asking them to leave a review on TripAdvisor.  This makes it easy for customers to rate you.


Creating a Survey to Get a Better Understanding of Where You Need to Improve

Review Express also allows you to create a survey about your business.  By creating a survey, you get a better idea of specific areas within your business that need improvement.  Once you have clicked “Publish Survey,” you can send it out through email.


Give you Insights as to Where Customers are Clicking When They Visit Your Profile

Once you sign up for Review Express, you will have access to Review Express Dashboard.  This will give you insight as to how many clicks you get, total opens, total emails sent, etc.


What do Businesses Think of Review Express?

TripAdvisor has gone on record saying “On average, regular Review Express users see an uplift of 28% in the amount of TripAdvisor reviews for their property.”  Most of the time, making customers aware you are on TripAdvisor is all it takes to get a review.  In addition, “Hotels that systematically drive reviews saw a 25% increase in Business Listings link activity and a 32% increase in CPC clicks.”  This means by taking advantage of what Review Express has to offer, you will increase where your business stands in a search results page on TripAdvisor.


Review Express can increase revenue by increasing the number of reviews you get, giving you insights as to where customers are clicking, and letting you create a survey to improve your business and create a better customer experience.  It is easy to use and can have a big impact on your business.  Click here and follow the instructions to sign up.